Three Things to Do When You Get Into A Car Accident!

December 27, 2023by injurylawyersatlanta0

The first thing you should do when you get into a car accident is to take out your phone and dial 911! When speaking to the operator be sure to provide them with the most precise location you can so that first responders will arrive as soon as possible. When the police arrive they will investigate the scene, speak to any and all witnesses, and draft an incident report.

After you dial 911, be sure to take pictures. It is imperative that you take pictures of the accident scene before your car or any other vehicles involved move away from the scene. This could be the most important piece of evidence in your case so take your time and take as many pictures as you can! Pictures could reveal details that you do not notice or consider at first so be sure to save them somewhere safe, such as your cloud storage.

Once the police leave the scene and you are given a driver’s exchange, call an attorney! In addition to filing a lawsuit and helping you get the compensation you deserve, an attorney can help you get necessary medical care, connect you to automobile body shops, and assist with getting a rental car. Joey Rafaeli at Rafaeli Law has an extensive list of medical providers and local body shops to help guide you. Give Rafaeli Law a call today at (954) 326-8284.

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