Slip and Fall

Rafaeli Law in Atlanta understands the physical, emotional, and financial toll that slip and fall accidents can have on individuals. Our experienced team of attorneys is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal representation to those who have been injured due to hazardous conditions on another’s property. If you’ve been a victim of a slip and fall incident, our Slip and Fall Law experts are here to advocate for your rights and help you seek the compensation you deserve.

Property Hazard Assessment
Our skilled slip and fall attorneys conduct thorough assessments of the property where the incident occurred. We identify hazards such as wet floors, uneven surfaces, inadequate lighting, or lack of warning signs, establishing the basis for legal action.

Liability Determination
Establishing liability is crucial in slip and fall cases. We investigate whether property owners or occupiers were negligent in maintaining a safe environment. This includes analyzing maintenance records, surveillance footage, and witness statements to build a strong case.

Premises Liability Claims
Property owners have a duty to maintain safe conditions for visitors. We specialize in handling premises liability claims, holding property owners accountable for injuries resulting from their failure to address hazards on their premises.

Slippery Surface Accidents
Slippery surfaces, whether due to spills, inadequate cleaning, or weather conditions, can lead to severe injuries. Our attorneys are experienced in handling cases involving slip and fall accidents on slippery surfaces, seeking compensation for our clients’ medical expenses and other damages.

Trip and Fall Accidents
Uneven surfaces, obstacles, or poorly maintained walkways can contribute to trip and fall accidents. We investigate these incidents thoroughly, determining liability and pursuing claims against property owners to secure compensation for our clients.

Inadequate Security Claims
In some cases, inadequate security measures contribute to slip and fall incidents. We handle claims against property owners for failing to provide adequate security, leading to accidents and injuries on their premises.

Building Code Violations
Building code violations can create hazardous conditions that contribute to slip and fall accidents. Our legal team is adept at identifying violations and using them as evidence to strengthen our clients’ cases.

Insurance Coverage Analysis
Slip and fall cases often involve dealing with insurance companies. Our attorneys conduct thorough analyses of insurance policies to ensure our clients receive the maximum compensation available for their injuries and losses.

Negotiation and Litigation
Our legal team excels in negotiating with property owners, insurers, and opposing parties to secure fair settlements. In cases where a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached through negotiation, we are prepared to litigate aggressively on behalf of our clients in court.

If you’ve suffered injuries in a slip and fall incident, don’t hesitate to contact Rafaeli Law in Atlanta. Our Slip and Fall Law experts are ready to fight for your rights and help you navigate the legal process to secure the compensation you need for recovery. Your journey to justice starts with us.